Entrepreneurs Don’t Date ‘Looks’ Rather They Date Someone With… (2 min read)


When it comes to dating, most of all see only one thing, ‘The Looks’. And why wouldn’t we ? Yes, of course all the normal always tries to date someone who is gorgeous or handsome enough to receive a complement. But this ‘practice’ should be reserved only for normal and common people. When we talk about ‘entrepreneurs’ like us, everything changes.

We, entrepreneurs are not like normal people. So we don’t think and react like one. We don’t talk about petty matters like what did we eat in lunch? What we had in our breakfast? What is the name of the movie we last watched? These talks are for normal people. While people talks about these petty thing, we entrepreneurs talks about How can we bring some unforgettable change in the world? We don’t talk about some party plans on weekend rather we think about What we can do something new on this weekend which could help our society.

Now come to the point, we entrepreneur don’t date on the basis of looks. We date on the basis of purpose. We’re focused on a sense of purpose in our prospective partner. We look for a partner who can light up our world with a bright smile and gives us a purpose to live this life more passionately. Purpose is better than any physical traits.

Looks come and go with age but sense of purpose is forever. A purpose is something which has the potential to overpower any physical attractiveness. There is an old saying that, “You have to live with character in the end, not beauty”. So I believe find some someone who can connect with you in a sense of purpose. Forget beauty. If you don’t, you will after sometime or years.


10 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Don’t Date ‘Looks’ Rather They Date Someone With… (2 min read)

  1. In a world where looks seems to be trendy, a wise person should make a difference…
    Besides, physical beauty is the trademark of vanity
    And vanity entails failure
    But of course, it would be nice dating a person who’s beautiful inside and out 😉

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