How To Unlock Your Real Potential (2 min read)


Everybody has potential to achieve wonders but not everyone creates wonders in the end. We all born with same clean brain. The unlimited potential resides in our mind. But in the end we find out, some are gifted with more potential while others not. The reason for this to happen is that while going through our life, we create walls and limitations on ourselves.

When we are in young stage of our life, we get criticized many times. Like these sentences we mostly heard in our younghood, “You’re not smart”, “You can never achieve anything in your life”, ”You’re a dumb kid”. Sentences like these have a great impact on our self confidence especially when we were young. This type of criticism only degrades our potential and our self esteem.

But every problem has a solution, and this ‘realisation of real potential’ is no exception. I am enlisting some ways through which you can unlock your real potential which remains dormant within you. The ways are as follows:

‘Believe In Yourself’

As I said earlier sometimes we face criticism in young phase of our life. We only learned ‘We can’t accomplish anything’ from that criticism. Now we have to unlearn what we learnt from our early life criticism. Now we have to believe that we can do anything in our life, we can create wonders, we have the potential to fly, to run fast, to gain riches, to love without reason, to change our own destiny. To unlock your real potential, first you have to believe in yourself and in your abilities to create wonders.

‘Stop Giving Excuses’

Only those people give excuses who are afraid of their own abilities. These are the weak, fearful and broken people. The strong ones never present excuses, rather they present results. If you want to achieve something, then you must stop giving excuses for your failures. Your real potential will never occur to you if you hide behind your excuses. So, stop giving excuses and start doing.

‘Know Where You Are’

To unlock your real potential, first you have to know where you are in your life. It doesn’t matter even if you stand in a failure. You have to know exactly where you stand so that you can make proper vision for your further life. Only then you can use your real potential to reach where you want to go. If you don’t know where do you stand in your life, even with your real potential you’ll go nowhere. For potential to work, you must give it a vision or direction. So be sure to know your position before start searching for real potential.


“Potential drives us far enough to watch our dreams fulfilled with our own eyes”.





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