How to Develop A ‘Gladiator’ Like Mental Toughness? ( 2 min read)


You know everyone wants to be successful, rich, famous and to be known for something but not everyone achieves success in the end. Only few of them succeed in their attempts to gain success. Why is that ? Personally, I believe the reason is their mentality. What you think, you become. If you think you’re not good enough to be successful like Mr. Bill Gates or Mr. Warren Buffet, then you’ll never become successful like them. You have to be mentally tough to accomplish all your desires. You have to make a mindset and start taking steps towards it.

Success in any pursuit requires a mentally tough mind. You can have all the resources, but if your mind is a mess, you will fail. I’ve become obsessed with the mind and have tried everything to stack the odds in my favor. Then someone suggested me something. He told me, ‘You have to make a tough decision if you want to be mentally tough. Its all about consistency, you have to decide what matters for you and what not. You must not letting small stuff to take away your happiness’. Apart from taking decision, you have to practice it more often. Practice makes a man perfect, and mental toughness is no exception to this.

Here are some ways which can help you to develop mental toughness:

‘Believe, Things Will Not Be Perfect’

Now you’re on a pursuit of success. Its time you must accept the reality. Things will never be perfect as you imagined them in your dreams. Of course, some things will go wrong and you must be mentally prepared for it when they do. Perfection is an illusion, Nothing is perfect and will never be.

‘Focus On A Goal, Not A Dream’

Both have a lot of differences. The most common one is that Goal is specific, with planning involved and have a specific deadline. While dreams are vague and doesn’t have any planning involved. They just look nice but they are not worth your focus until you convert them into a ‘goal’. Our mind only understand simple guidelines which only a ‘goal’ provides. So, to develop mental toughness, this is very important thing you must consider.

‘Compete With Yourself Daily’

To develop mental toughness, you have to break your comfort zone. You have to do things out of your comfort zone. Simple speaking, you have to compete with yourself daily. Give yourself something which you try to ignore mostly. Like public speaking, If you’re afraid of public speaking, then you must prepare for it and try it, first in front of your friends and then in front of some strangers until you conquer it. You have to break your mental barrier towards success.

‘Conquer Distractions’

Distractions are the easiest way to lose mental toughness. You can’t achieve mental toughness If you keep distracting yourself by cell phones, social media platforms, chatting, photo sharing and much more. You have to limit these distractions to be successful.


That’s it guys. Tell me in the comment section, What do you do to develop your mental toughness?






One thought on “How to Develop A ‘Gladiator’ Like Mental Toughness? ( 2 min read)

  1. Sometimes it seems you have to fight your way through a problem life presents – diplomacy, inertia,or complacency fail.
    When they do I remember something I was told once by a man who was a peacemaker – in essence he said when all else fails even if you can’t beat them, outlast them, to keep punching.
    Easier to give in at times, but when asked I always advise people to keep punching, not to quit.
    To get up if they’ve been knocked down, that even if a goal hasn’t been attained to continue striving as there is a benefit in the effort, a strength to carry forward when facing adversity or seeking another goal.
    The definition of success is subjective, for some it may be the acquisition of wealth or the completion of a job well done – balance and harmony in the home, providing in the role of provider, a caring father, husband, or friend.
    For me it always comes back to being a human being in the context as understood by the nations, and that is to prioritize the communal welfare.

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