15 Action-Oriented Quotes From Top Entrepreneurs (2 min read)


Motivational and Inspirational quotes have always been a source of constant motivation. Now it’s time for some Action-oriented quotes by some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. By reading these quotes, you should implement them in your life to get what you really desires.

Here are 15 Action-oriented quotes from top entrepreneurs:

  1. “To succeed you probably need to do more than “give it your all.” You need to give it your all over and over again. You can graduate at the top of your class, secure a round of funding, get amazing reviews from beta testers and venture capitalists, earn press—and you can still screw up. And that’s okay.”Alex Klokus
  2. “It took me over a decade to realize that helping others through your empowered self and stepping into your greatness is one of the most difficult but satisfying personal transformations.”Erica Lee
  3. “Fifty percent of my newfound success came from hard work and my ability to see a niche. The other half was pure luck.”Shaun McBrid
  4. “I’ve shown the world that women can have equal rights and abilities as men. I want you to do the same. Stand up for what you believe.”Behnaz Shafeili
  5. “All we can control is our effort, our preparation, and our thoughts.”Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir
  6. “While awards and recognitions are great, they only define success in one way”Cyrene Quiamco
  7. “Being able to have gratitude for your employees and unique perspective they can give you is huge.”Jacqueline Ros
  8. “The key to kickass communication is “understanding.” Working hard to spare your judgment in favor of focusing on solutions, action, and empathy.”Gesche Haas
  9. “It’s a big mistake not to invest in your network because they can’t do something for you right away.”Jayson Gaignard
  10. “Ask yourself: What wisdom is hiding in this moment?”Caroline Ghosn
  11. “Without that ability to communicate, people’s ideas and insights can easily stay trapped in their inner monologues.”Cloe Shasha
  12. “Most importantly, believe in the goodness of others, because they will be there for you when you need them.”David Finn
  13. “When an entity has been building momentum for so long, the slightest change in direction is difficult to achieve.”Jessica Gerson
  14. “If you are bothered by something, don’t complain. Be the change, because you are just as ready and equipped as anyone else.”Pocket (Yiqing) Sun
  15. “By doing and exploring alongside the very best, you will accelerate the discovery of your own passions.”Tiffany Pham

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