Addicted To Facebook? Just Leave It Or Get Screwed.. (2 min read)


We all have our own personal Facebook account. We all share our stuff there. From our pictures to our live status. I mean come’on Why do we need to update our live status on Facebook? Practically, there’s no reason to do these things but social recognition. Facebook is a powerful tool that helps you to stay connected to your family and friends. But somehow we are getting addicted to it.

Most of us are guilty of checking their cell phones many times in day just to check some notifications related to our pictures or our so called live status. Facebook has become an invisible addiction which is degrading our life slowly. There are some reasons I am listing below to leave or spend less time on Facebook:

‘Motivation Burner’

Spending more time on Facebook do kill your motivation. After having spent some time on Facebook, your mind’s ability to receive motivation or remains motivated would highly get affected. The temporary pleasure you get from using Facebook takes the place of motivation in your mind.


By taking unnecessary decision on Facebook ( like which pictures to post, which status to update, what comments should be placed on a particular picture), your mind decision making ability gets hampered. Eventually, you’ll loose interest in making important decisions of your life.

‘Temporary Social Recognition’

The temporary recognition you get from the compliments you get on your Facebook picture is not worth of your productive time. It’ll only degrades your self worth. You start judging yourself from other’s prospective. In this way, your self esteem degrades.

‘Waste Of Time’

The time you spend on Facebook is the time which has been dead forever, and for no use. I mean if you spend the same amount of time on reading books on a particular genre, then I am more than sure that you’ll be become a master in that genre within a year.


That’s all guys. Tell me in comment section whether you agree with me?

“Spend your time carefully, It will never come back”



5 thoughts on “Addicted To Facebook? Just Leave It Or Get Screwed.. (2 min read)

  1. I deactivated FB (you can’t delete it) over a year ago. It took some time to stop thinking about it and wanting to check in. it’s a habit, so the saying is 21 days to ease yourself off a habit.

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