Have Some Dreams? Keep Them To Yourself ! Otherwise… (2 min read)


Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has had a dream at some point in their life. Some still have dreams to fulfill. It doesn’t matter what they are, the thing that matters is our determination to fulfill them with our hard work. When we have some dreams, apart from determination to achieve them, we all have an intense urge to share or talk about them with our well wishers. Of course we do always share everything with our relatives, friends, colleagues and peers. That’s why it shouldn’t be a big deal to share you dreams with them. But to your surprise, I personally believe that we should keep our dreams with ourselves.

While I do advocate the ‘sharing’ trait of humans greatly, but at this point I do recommend the opposite. The reason is: We are all humans in the end. We do have some jealousy and pessimism in our genes which we can’t control yet. Apart from a lot of goodness, we have some darkness as well. That’s why I am listing some reason as to Why we should keep our dreams to ourselves:

‘People May Persuade You To Drop Your Dreams’

Some people always questions their dreams, they don’t ever get confirmed what they really want in their life. If you have some of these people in your contacts, then I recommend you not to share your dreams with them. They would only fill your mind with doubts. They would fill your mind with questions like ‘What if this idea don’t work’, ‘What if something happens’. These type of people only confuses you and sometimes even make you to drop your dreams.

‘Sometimes People Are Not What They Really Shows’

Some people are excellent in art of deception. They only shows they are your friends, but in reality they only get jealous with your achievement. They search for the ways to hold you back and bring you down somehow. Telling people your dreams and plans will only help them to make plans to hold you back. So you must have confidence in yourself to fulfill your dreams. You don’t need to tell your dreams to anyone unless they are your parents.

‘Too Many Opinions’

Telling a hundred people your dream means you should at least have 100 opinions to consider. Most of them would be full of criticism. And some of them may really confuse you enough that you may consider to leave your dreams and plans for good. People give opinions because they want to be heard. The cheapest thing in this world you can get is opinions. You don’t need everyone’s opinions to validate your dreams. People only misguides you. Instead of people, you can tell your dreams to Internet. May be there you would not get any criticism.


“Have patience, have courage and have a vision ready to fulfill your dreams. Telling them to someone wouldn’t benefit you, rather preparing for them would help you”.







7 thoughts on “Have Some Dreams? Keep Them To Yourself ! Otherwise… (2 min read)

  1. I believe so much in the principle of keeping your mouth shut. People actually think that I am too secretive. I don’t really know about that but I do know that keeping quiet has saved me a lot of trouble and stress. Nice one.

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