The Incredible Power Of Brainstorming (2 min read)


Time comes for all of us when we have to come up with an idea by using our brain at full capacity. Ideas are very difficult to come up with and without ideas, world is nothing. Everything in existence, was once an idea. Someone somewhere implemented that idea and then some things came into existence. So ideas are very important. Now the question is Where does an idea come from?

Simple speaking, every idea comes from the human brain through a process called ‘Brainstorming’. Brainstorming includes a relaxed and informal approach to generate some ideas. Generally, brainstorming is a group activity, but one can do this alone as well. Brainstorming encourages people to come up with some vague thoughts and ideas which can be scrutinized and restructured as per individual/business requirement.

Brainstorming is the first step towards innovation and creativity. This process is equally important in every field of life whether it is education, business, profession, politics and technology. World has become a better place because someone somewhere came up with a brilliant idea which helped the world to move forward and be better.

Why Brainstorming is so important?

Because it uses a diversified approach to generate some ideas.

But How?

Generally, Brainstorming is done by a group of people from various fields and they all have their own experience in their respective field. So when people combine their experiences and knowledge, then of course something creative has to happen. As a result we get some creative and world changing ideas.

That’s why Brainstorming is as important as determination and motivation to change the world.

“More Gold can be dug from human mind than from Earth’s mine”.


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