You Think You Know About Failure? That’s Where You’re Wrong (2 min read)

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What people generally knows about failure is that, it is morale lowering, status degrading and self confidence hampering thing. We generally judge people who ‘fail’ on the basis of their hard work and efforts. I mean it’s simple to judge failure nowadays, Right? No, its not that simple. We can’t judge people a ‘failure’ on basis of some statements like ‘He failed because he didn’t put up enough effort, He was not smart enough to win, He doesn’t want to win that’s why he failed’. I mean come’on, How can we judge someone’s effort without even knowing them or knowing about their life’s circumstances? It’s not very human of us.

The truth is, failure is a part of our life and it exists within us and there’s no shame in that. When it comes to failure, then we get it all wrong or may be failure has a bad reputation. But now the time is favorable to change that thinking. Instead of judging someone or ourselves for failure, we should consider asking these questions to ourselves like:

  • Why we failed?
  • What we did wrong?
  • How can we use failure to our own advantage?

We all know failure hurts. So when we fail, we try to avoid it instead of learn from it. We should study our failure and deeply analyse it so that we can never repeat that failure again in our life. There are some questions you can ask yourself when you try to analyse your failures:

What was your target?

Knowing your target is very important. An arrow shot without a target will only be turned waste. So you have to make very specific targets instead of general target. ”I have to write 100 blog posts” is a general target. ”I have to write 100 blog posts within 5 days on ‘Inspiration and Success’ is a specific target. Of course, the latter has more chances to be achievable effectively.

Have You Given Your 100 Percent?

Goals without full determination and efforts can never be achieved. It’s like a gamble which only has 50-50 chances to win. I mean why would you treat your life goals like gambling? It’s your life which is at stake, so don’t risk it. Just give your 100 percent to your goals and list your first win.

Have You Made Proper Planning For Your Goals?

Having planned your ways to achieve your goals is equally important as to set your goals in the first place. If you don’t plan your methods, then you’ll never achieve your goals. Planning is prerequisite to everything you do in your life. So make sure, you plan very carefully, your activities to achieve your goals otherwise it’ll all turn to be a waste.


That’s all guys. Thanks for reading. Give your feedback in the comment section.






4 thoughts on “You Think You Know About Failure? That’s Where You’re Wrong (2 min read)

    1. I do agree with you at this point that failure is a choice. But not everybody knows it. People just blame the circumstances and they don’t learn from their failures. Learning from your own failures is must for you to grow as a success.
      Anyways thanks a ton. I am glad you liked my post though.

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      1. I can relate so much with it. There was a time in my life wherein I failed on something. I knew it before it happened, and it was too late to take an action. So I started to condition my brain that failure is just a detour on my way to success, so I might as well enjoy the view. When the actual thing happened, suprisingly, I wasn’t hurt as much as I expect it to, and I achieved success after that. Really nice post you have there! And just to add, failures are springboards to success. The most beautiful success story is full of failures along the way.

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