Do You Have Money? If Not, Don’t Worry You’re Still Wealthy Because… (2 min read)


Every time I asked someone about Wealth, I mostly received same responses. For some, wealth is a huge amount of money, while for others it is some material things likes luxury cars, big houses, expensive clothes and significant bank balance. These responses I mostly received from those who don’t have any significant money but they want to be successful and wealthy anytime soon. But when I talked to those people who generated their own wealth and money from the ground to the sky, I got a completely different response.

For a self made millionaire, the Wealth is the state of mind. Most people who inherited their fortunes can be called ‘Rich’ but they surely can’t be considered as ‘Wealthy’. The difference is, if the former have lost their money somehow, they won’t be able to earn it again. But a ‘wealthy’ man knows everything about how he created his own wealth. He can create it all over again if he ever lost it for some reason. For a wealthy person, his ‘Wealth’ is not money, but his own self worth.

To quote Mr Warren Buffet (The Oracle of Omaha), “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a moment”.

Wealth is all about perspective. ‘What you think, you become’ I hear this sentence many times a day. And this sentence helps me a lot to keep me focused on my self worth. I know I’ll be rich one day, not because I’ll get a lot of money through inheritance but because I work on my self worth, I invest on my skills, I always try to do new things. Writing was never in my passion list, but when I realized my motivation and inspirational skills, I gave it a go.

I’ll be rich because I have a state of mind to become one. I never doubt my skills. I don’t have enough money right now, I live in a pretty small apartment but I know things will be different one day. I consider myself ‘Wealthy’ everyday. I am still Wealthy enough to teach someone, something of value. Yes! I am wealthy and it has nothing to do with my net worth.


“Wealth is reality while money is an illusion”.


5 thoughts on “Do You Have Money? If Not, Don’t Worry You’re Still Wealthy Because… (2 min read)

  1. Then, being wealthy is more respectful and meaningful than being rich and its the rite path like those who made their way from rags to riches with their own efforts like shah rukh khan.

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