Planning To Meet Someone? Let’s Help You Out To Make Your First Meet Conversation Long Lasting (2 min read)


You know what happens when we meet someone for the very first time. We usually don’t get very comfortable with someone new in the beginning. Some people are shy enough to feel even afraid to talk to new people. Some people reacts weirdly sometimes. Getting better at socializing is a matter of practice. The more you meet with new people, the more you get better at socializing. After then, you’ll always have a topic ready to talk to anyone.

Talking to someone you meet first time, is very special. This is a healthy opportunity to make a good impression because that person doesn’t know your faults yet. So, you have a chance to make your first impression long lasting. I am listing some tips as how to make your conversation long lasting when you meet people for the first time:

‘Get Them Talking’

If you want to make your conversation long lasting, then you have to make the other people talk about themselves. Give them some ideas to talk about like What are their interests, What are their hobbies, etc. Choose open ended questions. This is the best way to keep a conversation going.

‘Be An Optimist’

Some people only just sit and eat when they go to meet some new people. They don’t even start a conversation because they’re afraid that there’s nothing to talk about. Actually it’s quite the opposite, in this case you have a lot to talk about especially when you meet some new people. You have a lot to know about them and tell them about yourself. Just start a conversation, find some similar interest and see the result. Then you wouldn’t even stop that conversation anytime soon.

‘Use Storytelling’

Nothing can overcome the power of story telling. Stories are powerful. They keep people engaged and focused. They never let anyone get bored. But be careful about the story telling. You must carefully decide the story you wanna tell. Keep in mind, what you’re gonna share should be real and it must be something, which the people you’re meeting can relate to. If you’re gonna tell someone with science background, a story about some accounting related activity, then they would never get interested to listen to it in the first place.

‘Use Your Curiosity’

Curiosity is a powerful tool when it comes to learn something. Use this power to make questions out of conversations. In this way, you’ll always a have topic to talk about. Apart from that, being curious during conversations can make other person feel that you’re listening to his/her talks very carefully. And it may make a positive impression of you in other person’s eyes.


That’s all guys. Tell me in the comment section what are your opinions regarding this article.


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