3 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself Which You Should Stop Right Away (2 min read)

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There are some lies you keep telling yourself forever. Among those, some lies you tell yourself consciously while others subconsciously. These are generally those lies which you learned from your society and your environment especially when you were a child. In that phase of your life your mind either take things positively or negatively. That phase determines your mind’s perspective as an adult.

In that phase or even in your later stages of your life, you learn some lies which hinders your growth and success in your life ahead. So it’s time to uncover those lies.

‘I Can Do It Single-Handedly’

Successful people don’t do things alone/single-handedly. They do it by creating a supportive environment and by surrounding themselves with right people. There is a saying,” If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go long, then go together”. Successful people never get afraid to ask for help. Instead they always ask their mentors or the people who support them, the things which they are not understanding properly. So, if you want to be successful, you have to ask for help whenever needed. And believe me, its no shame.

‘I Need To Fix My Weaknesses First’

You know some people takes forever to correct their single weakness. You don’t even realise the waste of time happens during that time. Instead of fixing your weaknesses, spend that time to enhance your strengths. If you have excelled at your strengths, then may be you won’t feel the need to get rid of your weaknesses. Successful people don’t waste their time to correct their weakness, instead they use their precious time to enhance their natural talent or skills.

‘I Don’t Want To Fail’

This lie is very common among all of us. No one wants to fail because we learned from the very beginning that ‘How failure can affect your life’. And this lie has dissolved in our blood that’s why we fear failure. If our teachers would’ve told us ‘How to win’ instead of ‘Failure is very dangerous’ then our condition could have been much better. People take failure as a negative thing, instead they should take it as necessity. Without having failed, you’ll never learn the importance of winning. Failure teaches the importance of success and life as a whole. So, just don’t be afraid of failure, give your 100 percent and focus on winning.

That’s all guys. Give your feedback in the comment section.



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