Do You Get Angry Often? If So, Stop Doing These Things From Now On ( 2 min read)


Anger is the most destructive emotion which is very difficult to control. A lot of people struggles a lot to keep this emotion in check. Anger is something which brings the worst out of people. You don’t even think what are you saying, leaving a bad impression of yourself, sometimes even destroying the relationships you had for a very long time.

Dealing with anger can be one hell of an experience for sure. But the problem is we don’t know how to control it effectively. The primary reason for anger is frustration, hate, jealousy, irritation and loss of something/someone dear. I don’t say life is easy. But not controlling your anger or being angry all the time don’t make it easier either. I met a lot of people and did a lot of research, then I came to know that being angry or not is all about changing perspective of How you see things.

I am listing some of the techniques and some things you don’t have to do from now on, to control your anger:

‘Anger Is A Power Source’

Anger is a power source? Yes, for sure it is. Anger is a good source of energy to bring positive change in your life. But there’s a problem with this source. You can’t keep using it for a long time. Anger is temporary and it wear off pretty soon. That’s why you have to make your life’s foundation on some other emotions like love and desire.

But my point is that you should keep telling yourself that Anger is not a bad thing. In this way your mind won’t think you like a mindless beast and you can harness your positive energy from some other emotions believing that there’s nothing wrong with you.

‘Don’t Think That The World Will Act According To Your Thinking’

We always think that there’s something wrong in this world and we need to correct it. If someone disobeys us, we feel angry enough to punch him back but we can’t do that without being arrested or being fined. Now face the reality, the world is not acting according to your ways. So, you should stop thinking that it should move around your thinking. What you believes in, is right for you but may be not for everyone.

You need to get rid of your imaginative rules you want to apply on the world. Because it’ll make your anger worse eventually. Life will continue to be unfair and difficult to you. So stop being angry and find peace in your ways of living.

‘Stop Reacting Immediately’

As I said earlier, Anger is a temporary emotion and it only does damage if you immediately reacts to it. So the key is, “Stop reacting immediately when you’re angry”. I know it’s easy to say than get things done. But this is how it works. Whenever you feel angry, just think something positive and let it pass. I personally use this technique to control my anger.

Whenever I feel angry, I think about my life’s happy moments( I have only a few, but they do the trick). So instead of abusing, shouting and coercing when you’re angry, just let it pass. Don’t give your anger any kind of power on you.


“Anger causes the destruction only when it receives the power from you”. 

That’s all guys. I hope these key points can help you to keep you anger in check. Tell me in the comment section whether you agree with me?





7 thoughts on “Do You Get Angry Often? If So, Stop Doing These Things From Now On ( 2 min read)

  1. This is pure truth!
    Anger is such a temporary emotion that in the little time it exists we can create such destruction. Sometimes we need to let our blood boil and make decisions once the temperature has come down. Speaking from experience haha

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  2. I have taken many actions in anger that I regret. So what I tell myself whenever I am angry is this ” Martha, this is not the best time to talk. If you do, you might say the wrong things and still hurt more people and in the process you will loose your peace. So keep quiet and keep your peace. Though sometimes I talk but most times I walk away. If you realize that everybody can not be like you it will be easy for you to control your anger.


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