How To Be A Lion Among Sheep In The Real World? (2 min read)


Lion is known for his power over the jungle. He represents that the size doesn’t matter when it comes to rule, rather it’s the tactics, doing the right things at the right time, patience and intelligence that matters. Life is running rapidly and with it, our desires also growing at the same pace. We all want to achieve our desires and to be successful in the end. All in all we want to be a lion in our life. We want to rule the sheep. We want power in our hands, we want to achieve everything we desire. But these desires comes at a cost.

The cost to be a king is not cheap. You have to adopt the ways of living of lions. You have to make yourself to think like one. You must change yourself from the sheep to a beast who rules wherever he goes. To become a lion, you have to do something extra than normal people. Otherwise you’re doomed to live like a sheep.

I am listing some lifestyle changes you can make in your life, to transform yourself in a lion you always wanted:

‘Don’t Waste Time’

Lion doesn’t waste his time on unnecessary things. He remains focused all the time. Normal people generally waste their time watching TV, using social media, playing video games, go partying, etc. I mean they don’t even know the value of their time. They don’t realize the time they are wasting, are taking them on the path which only sheep follows.

Successful people don’t do these things, if they do, then they do it for a controlled time. They just focus on their work all the time. No wonder they get what they desires in the end. Lions use their power of suppression to overcome the need to waste time. They don’t care what’s happening in the world. Their world is among themselves.

‘Do What’s Necessary, No What You Want’

These’s a huge difference in Needs and Wants. Needs represent the work which has to be done and relates to your life goals and doing these things that you need will make you a better man for a long time. Wants only represents your temporary desires to achieve what you want. They are only temporary pleasures.

For Example: Determination is a need while Ecstasy is a want.

‘Eat Healthy’

Lions don’t eat stale food because it’s not good for their health and they know the very importance of their health more than anyone. But sheep can eat anything you throw in front of them. So in order to be a lion, you must eat like one. Take a good and healthy diet which should be rich in Vitamins and minerals. Nowadays people generally depends on fast food and junk food which has zero nutrition and very bad for their physical and mental health.

Health is a ladder to reach the peak of success. Successful people knows it very well. That’s why they’re always very conscious about their health. So, Be healthy and be successful. Be a lion among sheep.

‘Follow Your Dreams’

Following one’s own dreams is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lion is a symbol of determination. He doesn’t care what others think of himself. He doesn’t work under anyone’s supervision. He is always full of confidence at what he do. Unlike sheep who remains at the mercy of others, lion doesn’t live under mercy of others.

So the point is, if you want to be like a lion, then you have to be focused enough to go for the achievement of your dreams. You must have the confidence on what you believe and what your passion is. Of course, you have to work very hard for that and this is the price you have to pay to be a lion in real life.


‘The World is your jungle, go and Conquer it like a lion” 


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