QUARREL: Couples Who Argue, Actually Love Each Other More? Let’s Find Out (2 min read)


According to some research, “Arguing between two people can lead to rewarding experience as it results in expressing their own view points, their feelings and individualism. This is true in my case too. I got married to the love of my life after a long courtship of 12 years. It is over 1 year since we got married, there in not even a single day when we don’t argue. But at the end of the day, we forget everything and stay together like two bodies one soul.

It is normal to go through that much famous honeymoon hood where there is no place for conflicts and quarrels. As soon as we start spending time together and get comfortable with each other company and surrounding, we find ourselves in the need of compromises and understandings.

Some points must be kept in mind if the argument has to be ended in a productive way:

1. Do not utter anything which require you to regret later. Express your viewpoints honestly by sticking to the point you are discussing. Don’t beat behind the bush. Your anger would be it its peak but listen to your partners’ viewpoints too. It is fine if you admit your wrong doings.

2. Walk away and take a break if your argument and frustration is doing nothing good to anyone.

3. Its time to stop the discussion if the people involved in argument find it difficult to express their feelings because of getting over emotional or upset. Argument is productive till the partners are capable of understanding each other.

4. The most important point never forget the person with whom you are quarrelling with is the one you are in love with. Never allow your anger to rule over your love and concern for your better half.

5. The major outcome of face to face argument is that we come to know about each other’s wants and needs which are to be met and taken care of. This conflict should be seen as an opportunity for further growth and enhancement of relationship rather than unfavorable chores or misunderstandings.


“Never let quarrels stay too long because when you let every minute pass by without fixing things, it might change everything especially the feelings

Patience and courtesy are the keynotes which can lead an argument in a positive direction. Good fruits and benefits can be easily reaped if our frustrations and anger is expressed with proper mind set. Be optimistic and listen to each other viewpoints with an open mind and loving heart. I do the same thing because my love is the one for whom I have fought with the whole world to spend life with. He is my lifeline, my strength, my pride, my better half, my everything. I cannot imagine single moment of my life without him.


2 thoughts on “QUARREL: Couples Who Argue, Actually Love Each Other More? Let’s Find Out (2 min read)

  1. I have had a stupid argument with the one I love dearly and he left our home he is so stubborn he won’t accept my apology I no I need to give him space but my heart is killing me I feel like I have lost my best friend in the world never say anything u no is dumb always remember u love that person sometimes u will find ur self alone feeling so sad it is unbearable to live with out that person and when people say time heals I don’t think this is true when u find ur soul mate I think u always love and miss them


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