Self Acceptance? What Is It Really? (2 min read)

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Self Acceptance! A word focused on changing our whole personality. As we already know everything about ourselves like our flaws, weaknesses, strengths, jealousy and frustrations, we don’t do much to change ourselves. We talk about motivation, inspiration, life changing tools, success, achievement yet we do nothing to achieve even one of them.

Self acceptance is not about knowing your laziness, weakness, flaws and do nothing about it. This is basically called ‘Ignorance’.

Self acceptance has a very comprehensive meaning which, not everyone is willing to understand because people always afraid of change when it comes to self acceptance. Self acceptance compels people to change their negative personality into a positive one.

Becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, habits and your personality, and not being afraid to look at yourself as you are, is an important step to self-acceptance. When you accept yourself as who you are, then you’ll be in a better position to change yourself, to get rid of your flaws.

Self acceptance is not about saying, “This is what I am. I accept myself as I am. I accept my character, my failings and my fate, and this how it is. I can do nothing about it.”

Rather it is about saying, “Yes, That is what I want to be, I want to get rid of my weaknesses, I want to enhance my strengths, skills, knowledge to transform my self into a better person.”

There’s no fixed time to start improving yourself, you can start changing yourself and be better whenever you want. All you have to do, is take one step forward to make changes in yourself and in your life for good.



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