3 Things That School Never Teach Us About Life (2 min read)


School life is always unforgettable for us. All we have learned today, had started from our school one day. We learned a lot of things from there. Apart from academical studies, we have learned other valuable things from our school life. Like manners, etiquette, basic communication and all the respect we give others, is the result of our school life.

Schooling is all about learning and experiencing life at the beginner’s level.  But as we all know, learning is a continuous process, so we should keep learning after completing our school education as well. But as unforgettable and helpful it is, school hasn’t taught us some things which is very important for us to grow successful in our further life. These things is very helpful for our personal growth and development.

I am listing some of these things which School should have been taught us:

‘Strength Building’

School never teaches us to focus on our strengths. It only teaches us to focus on all our basic qualities equally. Everybody has a unique talent and some specific things to excel. Everyone wants to do something that they love. But when it comes to school, you have to do everything equally, irrespective of your interest in that subject or area. Actually Excellence can’t come from things we don’t love or we do just for the sake of doing. Rather it comes from those doing things for which we have an intense desire to excel.

Our strengths plays a very important role in deciding our future life plans. If you choose your career according to your strengths, then you’re sure to win eventually. But yes, hard work is must. Having talent is nothing, if you don’t work hard on it.

‘Excellence Vs Mediocrity’

Schools nowadays don’t focus on excellence. Yes, they do but not specifically. Nowadays schools are focusing more on personality development skills which is a good thing by the way. But they are not encouraging us to excel in something we love. Lets suppose I don’t like to take part in some mind bending quiz organised by school, instead I like to play guitar and looking forward to learn it with excellence. But as a part of our school system, I have to do those things I don’t like at all.

Focus should be on excellence not on mediocrity. In life, you don’t have to do all things or excel in each and everything. You just have to do only one thing but with expertise. If you do a lot of things then may be you’ll remain a mediocre like everyone else. But to be successful, excellence is very important at something you love to do.

‘Power of Why’

WHY! This word has the power to challenge your own goals and your mighty focus in your life. A simple ‘why’ can correct your ways if you ask this word yourself at the right time.

Why do want to be an entrepreneur? This question can change the mind of a lot of people who wants to be a potential entrepreneur in their future life. Because some people never sneak a peek in their soul. They don’t even know their capabilities to perform a specific task. All they do is to follow someone else’s footsteps. That’s why you should always ask yourself this ‘Why’ before you try to start something related to your career or even something in your personal life. And I am sure this thing you can never learn in a school.


That’s all guys. Give me your feedback in the comment section.


6 thoughts on “3 Things That School Never Teach Us About Life (2 min read)

  1. liked the last point “why”
    Anything we do, should be because we love doing it. while attending a career counselling session, i was handed an questionnaire which to my surprise only asked me questions about what kind of work i like doing. it did not ask me about my ambitions and stuff. i didn’t wait for the results. i knew what i wanted. the whole school life i had been wondering 🙂

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  2. Knowing your”why” will help you to stick to what you are passionate about. And as for school I think it’s just the theoretical aspect of life. Life itself teaches you the practical aspect.

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