25 Self Realization Questions To Ask Yourself And Answer (2 min read)


What are the self-realization questions? Well, simply speaking these are some questions you ask yourself to realize what are your thinking, what have you done with your life, what are you gonna do next, what you believes in, what are your attitude towards others, etc.

The sole purpose of these questions is to make you more self-reflective and help you a lot to improve your life as a whole. Questioning yourself is sometimes necessary to know your self-worth and to realize what do you want in your life.

So here are some questions I am listing below, which will surely help you to know about yourself even better:

  1. What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see a homeless person?
  2. What have you done with your life until now?
  3. What is your greatest regret until now?
  4. What is the source of your procrastination habit?
  5. Do you have the ability to make the hard decisions?
  6. What are you gonna do if someone you love leaves you?
  7. What is your greatest strength?
  8. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  9. How do you treat others?
  10. What are you spending your hard earned money on?
  11. What is the bad habit you want to change in yourself?
  12. What is your greatest fear?
  13. Do you have clear dreams? If so, have you planned the ways to achieve them?
  14. Do you keep in touch with your family and friends?
  15. Do you have a mentor? If no, then why not?
  16. How do you deal with failure?
  17. Which is your favorite book, if you love reading?
  18. What/Who is your greatest source of motivation?
  19. Which interests you the most?
  20. If you could change one thing in your life today, what would it be?
  21. Are you afraid of happiness? If so, Why?
  22. What/Who helps you to calm your nerves?
  23. If given a chance, who/what are you gonna bring back in your life?
  24. Have you ever tried to step out of your comfort zone?
  25. If you want to give a message to the World, what would it be?


That’s all guys. Maybe answering these questions help you to get better and improve your life fairly.

Please tell me your feedback in the comment section.



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