I Can Or I Won’t ..! What Does It Actually Mean? (2 min read)

                       “There’s only one way to success and it only goes through you”


Success or riches are the ultimate desire of every living being on this Earth. Everyone and I mean everyone is doing anything and everything to achieve the success they want. But some wise man once said,”If you want something done, then you must do it yourself”. Nobody will bring your dream success to you.

Now come to the point, there’s a common word I heard abundantly nowadays. That common word is ”I can’t”. People like to use this word a lot. It’s just an easy word to use. Just forget about the difficult tasks, we use this word even for very tiny work. For example, receiving calls, help someone, some daily house work or even our laptop cleaning. In fact, we can do anything and everything we put our mind towards, but something holds us back and that something is the habit of using this word. Can’t implies that you lack the ability to do something.

But as far as I remember, we taught in our school that nothing is impossible for us and we have the ability to anything. We can even touch the stars if we want to. So all the problems lie in using this ”can’t” word. Actually, whenever we use this word, our subconscious mind save it for the future reference. So, in order to save yourself from this word, just avoid this word. This word only amplifies your inability (actually it’s is not inability, but you think it is, to avoid something done).

In this world, nothing is impossible. Everything is in your hands if you set your mind towards your goals. It totally depends on you whether you want to do it or not. You either can do it, or you won’t. There’s no ”can’t” in life. This word is only an illusion between you and your goals. Just keep your mind straight, do your 100 percent, keep your determination up, set your goals, plan your activities and believe that you ‘can’ do it.


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