Most of the people disagree with the above statement because they start connecting the things with the materialistic world. Money ,movie tickets, the delicious pizza and pasta of pizza hut’s , owning a big house with a Mercedes standing in front of the gate of the house, smart phone,diamond ring, of course, are not available free but nature’s beauty, the delight of meeting an old friend, the unconditional love of our parents and siblings are all free of cost. It is the perspective which helps a man to choose the things which are best for us.


The lovely spring, the snow-capped mountain peaks, the cold foggy winters, the splash of waterfall in prickly heat summers, the beautiful rainbow, the drops of rain, the soft moonlight, the breathtaking sites of rising and setting sun are the blessings of our nature which can delight our life and keep us spellbound.Alas! We are so much drowned in the worldly affairs to that we forget to appreciate the blessings of nature. William Wordsworth said

“The world is too much with us, late or soon. Getting and spending, we lay waste our power, little we see in nature that is ours”

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Besides Nature, there are many more things which are free for human beings but they forget to cherish those things. The love of our parents is unconditional and invaluable. They spend their whole life making their children happy with their support, care and love. The lovely emotions of brother-sister love, grandparents for their grandchildren are essential for us and they just can’t be bought. There are millions of children who are orphans and crave for the love and care of their family. We should value the things that we are blessed with as everyone is not fortunate enough to have those. These sentiments are necessary for us as our life would not be worthy enough to live. The little encouragement and compliments from well wishers and peers work wonders for us and we feel happy.

My favourite priceless gift from God-Friends. They are a source of delight. I swear and say that the best moments of my life are spent with my friends.

“A true friend is like a diamond, precious, and rare, false friends are like autumn leaves lying everywhere”


It is very important to be cautious in the selection of our friends as they are the ones who can mould a person’s nature and character. There are many fair weathered friends who stand beside us in our good time and enjoy. A true friend is the one who stands by us in our bad days. Friendship of such people becomes priceless for us and a non-purchasable commodity.

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Life is brief-a little hope, a little dream and then good night, as we all know.Therefore, it is only up to us how we see and get inspired from free gifts of God. There are numerous things in life which can be enjoyed free of cost. We just have to find time to appreciate those blessings and learn to enjoy those without longing for materialistic belongings which cannot make us happy.




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