What You Start Doesn’t Matter, But What You Finished Always Matter. Is This True? ( 2 min read)


I am an entrepreneur and I learned a lot of lessons in my life. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy, rather it’s difficult than most. As an entrepreneur, you have hundreds of ideas to start something but you can’t start anything and everything just for the sake of an idea. You must have a passion and knowledge to implement an idea.

Starting is always easy, right? Yes, sure it is but what you would provide in the end is the only thing that matters. Starting is something everyone wants very eagerly but most people don’t have the courage and patience to finish what they started in the first place. Obviously, an unfinished job would not do any good to anyone. Some people have this habit to start something with full enthusiasm but in the middle, they just get cold and left everything abruptly. This habit would only take you to the self-sabotaging path.

Take an example of any successful people, and the first thing you would notice is their ‘success’ which they have at this point. You won’t unlikely be interested to know what they had started in their early days. For you, the only thing that matters is the wealth they have now. Of course, they faced many problems in their struggling days, but in the end, they result in success because they stuck to whatever they started with passion and they had the patience to pass failures and be a winner in the end.

You must leave this habit of yours to leave something in the middle. Because sooner or later you would leave even those things which matter to you a lot, just out of habit. Just change this habit and even fight it if you can. To surpass this habit, you must develop a high degree of patience with the ability to pass failures. Because this ‘failure’ is the main culprit which makes you leave things that you can achieve with a little more patience.

So, if you want to be successful in the end, then you must finish what you have started. Just write this sentence where you can see it many times a day and hold on to those things which are worth holding on to. Work hard, gain knowledge, have patience, be determined and believe me you would definitely get incredible results in the end.


That’s all guys. Tell me in the comment section whether you agree with me?


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