Heart Break? Just Use It To Achieve Something Great ( 2 min read)


Heart Break! It does happen even to the best of us. As a human being, we need love to survive and to live a peaceful life. Love is a very powerful emotion which can help you do wonders if you get the true meaning of it. There are different types of love. Love for parents, children, relatives, colleagues and peers. But in this article, I am gonna talk about love for opposite sex or in simple terms, The Love Of Your Life.

We do fall in love at least once in our lifetime but it’s not always necessary that we get to be with the one we love. Sometimes because of bad circumstances, social taboos, personal ego and caste/religion differences, we don’t get to be with love of our life and we face a severe heartbreak. And believe me, it’ll kill you from the inside. You’ll lose your happiness and your ability to love.

But as severe it is, it does come with some positive side as well. Whenever you face heartbreak, it impacts you deep in your heart and you lost your ability to focus on anything else. But this is the time, you should use all your anger, your hate, your sadness into something productive. Just imagine a high goal which you have to achieve so that the person who left you, will regret that decision.

To be with love of your life is one of the most desirable thing in the world. I personally think that, to be with your better half provides way more happiness than having a huge sum of  money. And if that person left you for some reason, then you’ll be willing to do everything you can to get her/him back. So, instead of crying in a corner, why don’t to find a way to make you better, why don’t you find some ways to achieve a higher goal.

Heartbreak can give an enormous potential which you had not felt before in your life, so just use it to achieve your goals. Use it to get a constant source of motivation and make yourself better everyday. You can do wonders if you could focus all your inner sadness and anger into something productive. Make yourself rich if your poorness is the reason of your heartbreak, break social taboo if some social issue was the reason. Just do your best with a positive mindset to get things done.


8 thoughts on “Heart Break? Just Use It To Achieve Something Great ( 2 min read)

  1. I was heart broken some years ago. I cried for days. But suddenly without planning it, I went to a book store, bought some books and started reading. Today I write my own things.

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