What Makes Your Blog Unique? Let’s Find Out.. ( 1 min read)

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Blogging has largely grown popular nowadays. It’s very easy to create a blog or even a website of yours today in a matter of minutes. Whether your motive is your passion about something and you want to share it with people or may be your motive is making passive income through your blog, creating a blog has never been this easy as it is now. Irrespective of your motive, if you want to make your blog popular, then you have to provide good content on your blog. But apart from the good content, there’s one thing which makes your blog completely different and unique from others, and that thing is your Personal Opinion. 

Let’s suppose you’re writing your post around some social issue, and you just write it with a general thinking. You didn’t share your personal opinion or views in that post. In this case, the probability of your post to be liked by your loyal audience is very low. Your audience is here on your blog only because of the uniqueness and your personal opinion. People don’t like general statements, they don’t like reading things which they read many times before. Rather it’s your personal opinion which connects them with you through your post.

I personally try to give my opinion most of the times irrespective of the post I write. I try to add some value to that post by adding my personal views on that. Sometimes people disagree with me, but that’s okay for me. It’s not necessary that the whole world shares my thinking. Sometimes things which are right for me may be wrong for someone else. But giving my opinion matters to me a lot. It helps me to connect with my audience and people who share my views.

So, the baseline is if you want to make your blog stands out of the crowd, add some value to it by providing your personal opinion in all your posts and in this way, connect with your audience through your views. If you do which people generally do, then you’ll remain where general people remains. Do something unique to get something extraordinary.





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