Addicted To Alcohol? It’s Time To Leave It Pretty Soon ( 2 min read)


Drinking alcohol is very common nowadays. Most of the people drink alcohol like a soft drink, but over the years it can have serious consequences in your life. ”Alcohol is injurious to health”, you may have heard this sentence many times earlier and let me tell you, this sentence is 100 percent true. Drinking too much alcohol or addiction for alcohol can seriously affect your body as well as your brain.

I personally consider ‘ The Loss of Control’ is the most dangerous consequence of drinking alcohol. Apart from that, there are many consequences of drinking alcohol more frequently which I am listing below:

‘Emotional Imbalance’

Drinking too much alcohol makes your mind emotionally unstable. People find it difficult to respond accurately while they are drunk. Sometimes they feel negative emotions in abundance. Sometimes they imagine their worst fear turn into reality. So, it is better to leave alcohol for good.

‘Liver Damage’

Of course, this is the well-known disadvantage of drinking alcohol. It can cause your liver cells to die quickly to a stage when they are beyond repair or permanently damaged. Alcohol is a pure poison for those who already have liver problems.

So, leaving alcohol is the best option you can consider before it gets too late.

‘Money Waste’

Alcohol is a poison for our liver and we drink it willingly even preferably by spending our hard earned money knowing that it’ll damage our liver and cause health problems. I mean come on, I don’t see any logic to it anywhere. Spending our own money to buy a poison for ourselves, that doesn’t make sense. So better leave it before you go bankrupt. And if you choose to leave it, which you must do, then you would have saved a huge amount of money for yourself over time.


Alcohol reduces both the quality and quantity of your sleep. Meanwhile, a lot of people say that alcohol helps them to get a good night sleep but in reality, it’s the opposite. Alcohol messes with your mind and you think you get a good night sleep after having some alcohol but in reality, alcohol keeps degrading the quality of your sleep over time and one day you will have to face insomnia.

‘Confidence Reducer’

People who are addicted to alcohol generally have very low self-confidence. They drink alcohol to get some confidence like, talk to some random girls during a night out. They don’t even know that self-confidence is a natural thing and it is already present in yourself. You don’t need alcohol to bring it up. If you do, you’ll always need alcohol whenever you requires some confidence to do something. In this way, Alcohol is really a confidence reducer and leaving it as soon as possible will only help you to get better.



That’s all guys. Give me your feedback in the comment section.


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