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A survey conducted to study the shopping behaviour of men and women states that men took only 15-20 minutes for shopping while women’s shopping lasted for more than 2 hours. About 80 percent men were hesitant to go for shopping with their partners while 45 percent opt for not going at all with them at any cost. In most of the cases, the spousal shopping trips ended in argument because men become frustrated when they see women taking too long to make decisions. Men think that they just buy straight away without wasting time in searching while women keep on browsing looking for the best stuff.

Some anthropologists believe that the shopping habit of men and women can be related to our ancestors where a man was a hunter and woman gatherer. While men were busy hunting, women used to search for fresh fruits, vegetables and berries to bring back home food.

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The only job of man was to look for some animal, kill it and bring it home as soon as possible without wasting time. The rush to go home was based on the knowledge that if the hunted animal is left lying for too long, other animals or insects would start to eat it. Interestingly, women were the real “breadwinners”. Studies have shown that the diet of humans living thousands of years ago in jungles was largely vegetarian (They feed only 10-20 percent on meat).That’s why women exhausted themselves everyday collecting wild plants, fresh vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts to feed their family.

Women are therefore, more in a gathering mode, in order to bring the best at home whether they are fruits, grocery or clothes. In the same way, men are more mono-focused, rather than browsers.

Although the above generalisations cannot be applied to all modern men and women, but the connection is quite obvious. Research on modern men and women states that women are more inclined to spend extended time for shopping while men just focus on their need; they buy and leave straight away. Shopping is good but only if it is done in a sensible way. The things which are needed should only be bought; what you desire should not be the priority, they are just temptations of this materialistic world.

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