Have Your Birthday Today? Instead Of Partying, Go Help Someone (2 min read)


I have seen many people who eagerly wait for their birthdays just to go for partying and spend some time with their friends or loved ones. I mean come on, you don’t need birthdays or some specific occasion to be happy or to spend some time with your colleagues. I believe if you’re happy today or any day, so just consider that day only is your birthday and have fun.

Instead, I believe your birthday should remind you that How lucky you’re to be a part of this world and you should be thankful to GOD giving this life to you. And instead of partying or doing some unnecessary shit, just go and help someone in need, through any ways you can. Your birthday is a special day and it reminds you of your own existence in this world on that same day. To honor this memory, do something prideful.

When it comes to helping someone, you can do it many ways. Like if someone in your eyes is not able to earn his daily meals, just provide them with enough food. If someone is diseased and have no money for treatment, then help that person providing the money for his/her proper treatment. These things will provide more satisfaction to you than go for some partying and expensive long rides. It’s only a waste of money.

I am saying this because I practically do it in my life. I don’t celebrate my birthday by going for expensive dinner and parties. Instead, I help people who really needs it. The World needs kindness, which is a rare element nowadays. We have come to a point in our life that we don’t think about anyone but only for ourselves. We have forgotten our basic humanity trait, i.e. kindness and to help people. So, just go and do some kind work on this very special day of your life which you would remember the whole year until your next birthday. You can go for partying on some other day. Make this day special by taking good wishes of someone. And believe me, nothing is more helpful in our life than taking the good wishes from someone who really needed your help.


12 thoughts on “Have Your Birthday Today? Instead Of Partying, Go Help Someone (2 min read)

  1. I agree with you. The World needs kindness because we are all human beings with the same birth rights. We have been taught comparison and it is time to learn acceptance and respect for everyone. Wonderful post! Respect for what you think and do!

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  2. I know someone who spends his birthday by giving gifts of kindness to other people, even if the world doesn’t seem to be kind to him. I really admire his person. I wish I could have birthdays as meaningful as his. =)
    Nice post by the way =)

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