This Is How You Can Live An Extraordinary Life ( 3 min read)


Sometimes people think too much to make their perfect or somewhat extraordinary. Of course, everyone wants a life that must be at least above average and full of happiness. But not everybody makes an extraordinary life in the end. The reason being, people don’t want to that ‘extra’ to make their life extraordinary.

I know life is difficult, I even experienced its difficulties on my own. In order to make life easier, you must understand some facts. These facts will definitely help you to make your life easier and they’ll even help you to do that ‘extra’ so that you can make your life extraordinary. These facts are as follows:

‘You’re Meant To Shine’

Not a single human on this earth was/is born to be mediocre. We are born to be something great. We all are born to shine. But the tricky part is to find your inner sunlight. You have to find a purpose to live your life around. Without a purpose, human life is worse than an insect’s. No matter how small or different your purpose is, but it’ll be enough to bring out the sunlight locked inside of you.

If you really want to live an extraordinary life, then you must find yourself a meaningful purpose and I assure you that you would not only achieve it but it’ll bring out your core strengths locked inside of you. Remember a Diamond is hidden in a coal itself but only a strike of hammer bring it out of a coal. Find some purpose and work hard to achieve that. Give your life a meaning.

‘Believe, You’re Already Lucky’

I have seen many people blame their luck for not getting the life they always dreamed of. Come on guys, just grow up. While you’re sitting in a chair, using a decent computer with this century’s greatest invention ‘internet’, while some people are not able to afford a single meal for a day, I think you’re pretty lucky.

I never believed in luck, only the hard work I have done in my whole life. Success comes only to those who create their own luck by doing what they believe they can do. Luck is only an illusion. If you really want to make your life extraordinary, then believe you’re already lucky and do what you interests you without caring about the opinion of others.

‘Don’t Worry, You Have All The Time You Want’

Life is running fast, so is the time. I heard this sentence many times in my life. But unfortunately, I don’t agree with this sentence. Rather, I believe if you want to do something out of ordinary then you would have all the time in the World to finish it. If you have something extraordinary to offer this World, then never hesitate to do it.

People generally quit when they are only one step away from something extraordinary because they think that they’re just wasting their time on nothing. No matter what you’re going through, you have to stick to your purpose. If you don’t then you are doomed to live an ‘ordinary’ life.

‘Never Leave Your Goodness’

Today people only care about themselves and by doing that they have become cruel and selfish. They have left their goodness. Tell me What good an extraordinary life if it comes out of selfishness and cruelty. We, humans, are the only species to show goodness even in the extreme situations.

Believe me, your goodness is something you never want to loose. It makes you who you are. Be kind, be good whenever you can. Who knows this goodness can show you a path to an extraordinary life.


That’s all guys. Give me your feedback in the comment section.



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